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Jan 2016
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New year, new you!

Learn a new language. Take up juggling. Master a martial art. ’Tis the season for most of us to declare (and then quickly abandon) our New Year’s resolutions.

Just because most people neglect their resolutions before the bubbly is even warm, however, doesn’t mean marketers have to. In fact, we’ve got some 2016 resolutions for marketers that are simple, straightforward…and sustainable.

We’ve taken some of the most common resolutions people pledge at the beginning of each new year and given them a marketer’s twist. Each offers a way for brands to enhance, expand or energize their marketing efforts in some way.

Exercise. Successful exercise is built on habit, routine, calendar. Successful marketing is no different. If you don’t already, make a detailed marketing calendar part of your strategy for 2016. Map out and schedule your advertising, social media, media relations, product launches, trade shows, etc. Build a habit of mapping your marketing activity just as you’d schedule your exercise – to the point it becomes instinctive.

Make new friends. Customer base, Facebook likes, Twitter followers, sales prospects. You’ve worked hard to build your network of “friends” (your key constituencies, primary audiences, etc.). But, we can always have more friends. So how can we continue to grow our audience? What other ways can you continue to grow your email database, social followers and prospect pipeline? Email marketing, social contests, product promotions and giveaways are sure ways to help you make new friends.

Be more introspective. We’ve discussed the power a proper audit can have on your marketing efforts, and what better time to step back and engage in a little marketing introspection than the start of a new year? Spend a bit of time taking inventory of all your marketing presences, activities and efforts. What’s working? What’s not? What can we do differently to be more effective and efficient in 2016 and beyond? A little self-reflection and soul-searching – taking the form of a true marketing audit in this instance – can go a long way.

Learn a new language. In this case, the language of data! Resolve to do more with all the data you’re collecting and compiling all the time – from customers, from prospects, from your website, from email, from loyalty programs, etc. How can you become more fluent in the language of data so you can be more successful as a marketer?

This year, resolve to do more with your marketing! And unlike resolutions having to do with real exercise, actually stick to them. Your customers will thank you.