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Sep 2019
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From the top

The only constant is change, as the saying goes, and we’ve certainly experienced our fair share of it over the past several years. Through refined and evolving service lines, serving new clients and industries, and more than doubling our staff, Ferguson has become one of the largest full-service agencies in Indiana.

Throughout this time of growth and change, we’ve worked hard to not lose sight of what got us here – our people and our relentless commitment to our clients. That starts at the top, and we’re fortunate to have an executive team that is as focused on maintaining our culture as they are on growing our agency. With that in mind, we’re sharing some exciting updates – changes we believe help us remain mindful of our past, invested in our present, and focused on our future.

First, Kyle Martin has joined Nancy Wright and John Ferguson as a partner in the business, effective immediately. Kyle has been integral to the growth and success of our agency since he joined us nine years ago, so this was a natural next step. In addition to Kyle joining Nancy and John in our ownership team, we’re happy to share the following additional changes as well:

  • John moves into the role of CEO. While John will continue to be involved in the day-to-day details of running our business, this move will also allow him to spend more time on the things he loves – helping the agency grow, serving as a mentor and resource for staff, and giving back to our community. He’ll also continue to work with clients at a strategic level.
  • Nancy moves into the new role of Chief Employee Experience Officer. Nancy has played an incredibly important role in the development of our agency’s unique culture and identity over the past 40-plus years, so it’s hard to think of anyone better suited to be the chief advocate for our  agency culture and employees than her. While she continues to work with clients, she’ll now serve as a direct outlet and resource for all employees to ensure they’re supported and valued in our growth; in addition, she’ll work with team leaders to address any issues and ensure they have what they need for our continued success.
  • Lastly, Kyle moves into the role of President. Kyle loves what he does, so it’s important to note right away what won’t change – he’ll still work closely with clients and our account team to ensure the level and quality of our service remains unique and unparalleled. At the same time, he’ll engage with agency department directors on respective growth and resource strategies while also putting his experience and expertise behind ongoing operations and growth strategies.

We wouldn’t be where we are – or who we are – without the continued support of valued partners like you, which is why we wanted to share these changes with you directly. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about these updates – and we’re excited to begin this new phase in our agency’s present – and future.